Exploring College Football Non-Conference Rivalries with {ggraph}

We’re in the middle of College Football’s bowl post-season and I’d been wanting to do a more in-depth post on networks using {tidygraph} and {ggraph} for a while. So now seemed like as good a time as any to explore some College Football data.

What's the Most American of American Films? An Analysis with {gt} and {gtExtras}

I love movies. I enjoy watching them, I enjoy reading about the industry (sometimes), and as a bit of a data-nerd (exhibit a: my blog), I enjoy learning about the outliers in the industry.

Finding the Eras of MTV's The Challenge Through Clustering

Since 1998, MTV’s The Challenge (formerly the Real World/Road Rules Challenge) has graced the airwaves where it is currently in Season 37. In a prior post I had mentioned that this is one of my guilty pleasure shows so this will likely not be the last post that is based around America’s 5th professional sport.

$GME To The Moon: How Much of an Outlier Was Gamestop's January Rise?

Introduction Between January 13th and January 27th, 2021 the stock price for Gamestop (GME) rose 10x from $31 to $347 dollars. This rise was in part due to increased popularity on the Reddit forum r/wallstreetbets looking to create a short squeeze and because they “liked the stock”.

How to not have Plot.ly Inflate Hugo's Reading Time

I’m a big proponent of enabling the reading time option on this blog which uses Hugo’s academic theme. I always appreciate seeing it on other blogs so I know how much time to invest in the post.

Celebrating the Blog's First Birthday With googleAnalyticsR

On July 4th, 2020, I posted the first article to this humble R blog as a small hobby to do something new while working from home through COVID. Very recently, this blog celebrated its first year and I wanted to leverage Google Analytics to do a look back at the last year, what’s done well as well as when and where people were visiting from.

What Are People Sayin' About Instagram Lite?

In the beginning of May, I used RSelenium to scrape the Google Play Store reviews for Instagram Lite to demonstrate how the package can be used to automate browser behavior.

How have the AFI Top 30 Movies Changed Between 1998 and 2007?

During COVID I’ve started watching some older “classic” movies that I hadn’t seen before but felt for whatever reason I should have seen as a movie fan. Last week, I had watched The Third Man after listening to a podcast about Spy Movies.

Scraping Google Play Reviews with RSelenium

When Normal Web Scraping Just Won’t Work I’ve used rvest in numerous posts to scrape information from static websites or through forms to get data. However, some websites don’t have static data that can be downloaded by just scraping the HTML.

What % of Manhattan Did I Run Through?

In a previous post I created a cool-looking (in my opinion) heatmap of my Marathon training from years back. One of the downsides to that density-based method of making the heat map was that routes I only ran once didn’t show up very clearly.