ML for the Lazy: Can AutoML Beat My Model?

In this fourth (and hopefully final) entry in my “Icing the Kicker” series of posts, I’m going to jump back to the first post where I used tidymodels to predict whether or not a kick attempt would be iced.

Ain't Nothin But A G-Computation (and TMLE) Thang: Exploring Two More Causal Inference Methods

In my last post I looked at the causal effect of icing the kicker using weighting. Those results found that icing the kicker had a non-significant effect on the success of the field goal attempt with a point estimate of -2.

Does Icing the Kicker Really Work? A Causal Inference Exercise

In my prior post I looked at when coaches were most likly to ice a kicker where ‘icing a kicker’ means for a defense to call a timeout right before the offense is about to kick a field goal.

Predicting When Kickers Get Iced with {tidymodels}

I’m constantly on the lookout for things I can use for future posts for this blog. My goal is usually two-fold. First, what is a tool or technique I want to try/learn and second is there an interesting data set that I can use with those tools.

Examining College Football Conference Realignment with {ggraph}

In my previous post I looked at College Football Non-Conference games to create a network map overlaid on top of the United States using the {ggraph} package. In this post I’ll be extending that to examine Conference Realignment, which is when colleges change from one conference to the next.

Exploring College Football Non-Conference Rivalries with {ggraph}

We’re in the middle of College Football’s bowl post-season and I’d been wanting to do a more in-depth post on networks using {tidygraph} and {ggraph} for a while. So now seemed like as good a time as any to explore some College Football data.

What's the Most American of American Films? An Analysis with {gt} and {gtExtras}

I love movies. I enjoy watching them, I enjoy reading about the industry (sometimes), and as a bit of a data-nerd (exhibit a: my blog), I enjoy learning about the outliers in the industry.

Finding the Eras of MTV's The Challenge Through Clustering

Since 1998, MTV’s The Challenge (formerly the Real World/Road Rules Challenge) has graced the airwaves where it is currently in Season 37. In a prior post I had mentioned that this is one of my guilty pleasure shows so this will likely not be the last post that is based around America’s 5th professional sport.

$GME To The Moon: How Much of an Outlier Was Gamestop's January Rise?

Introduction Between January 13th and January 27th, 2021 the stock price for Gamestop (GME) rose 10x from $31 to $347 dollars. This rise was in part due to increased popularity on the Reddit forum r/wallstreetbets looking to create a short squeeze and because they “liked the stock”.

How to not have Plot.ly Inflate Hugo's Reading Time

I’m a big proponent of enabling the reading time option on this blog which uses Hugo’s academic theme. I always appreciate seeing it on other blogs so I know how much time to invest in the post.