What's the Most American of American Films? An Analysis with {gt} and {gtExtras}

I love movies. I enjoy watching them, I enjoy reading about the industry (sometimes), and as a bit of a data-nerd (exhibit a: my blog), I enjoy learning about the outliers in the industry.

Finding the Eras of MTV's The Challenge Through Clustering

Since 1998, MTV’s The Challenge (formerly the Real World/Road Rules Challenge) has graced the airwaves where it is currently in Season 37. In a prior post I had mentioned that this is one of my guilty pleasure shows so this will likely not be the last post that is based around America’s 5th professional sport.

How have the AFI Top 30 Movies Changed Between 1998 and 2007?

During COVID I’ve started watching some older “classic” movies that I hadn’t seen before but felt for whatever reason I should have seen as a movie fan. Last week, I had watched The Third Man after listening to a podcast about Spy Movies.

Scraping Google Play Reviews with RSelenium

When Normal Web Scraping Just Won’t Work I’ve used rvest in numerous posts to scrape information from static websites or through forms to get data. However, some websites don’t have static data that can be downloaded by just scraping the HTML.

Exploring NHL Stanley Cup Champion's Points Percentage In Four GGPlots

Motivation While browsing Reddit’s r/DataIsBeautiful sub-reddit I came across a post from Fabio Votta showing a beeswarm plot of US County vote share in the 2020 Election. Having never seen a beeswarm plot before I wanted to come up with an excuse to try it out.

What's the most successful Dancing With the Stars "Profession"? Visualizing with {gt}

Motivation During this pandemic I’ve found a source of comfort in Dancing with the Stars (DWTS). I’ve never watched any other season before and I think a large part of starting now are:

An Attempt at Tweaking the Electoral College

Motivation With the 2020 Election wrapping up and a renewed discussion about the merits of the Electoral College I’ve been thinking more about the system and why it might be the way it is.

COVID-19s Impact on the NYC Subway System

At 8pm on March 22nd, 2020, the “New York State on PAUSE” executive order became effective and New York City went on lockdown until June 8th, when the Phase 1 reopening began.

A Racing Barplot of Top US Baby Names 1880-2018

A few month’s back Mrs. JLaw and I were discussing baby names (purely for academic purposes) and it got me thinking about how have popular names changed over time. It was a particular interest to me as someone who had a name that was somewhat popular for a while and has since fallen out of fashion.