What Are People Sayin' About Instagram Lite?

In the beginning of May, I used RSelenium to scrape the Google Play Store reviews for Instagram Lite to demonstrate how the package can be used to automate browser behavior.

What % of Manhattan Did I Run Through?

In a previous post I created a cool-looking (in my opinion) heatmap of my Marathon training from years back. One of the downsides to that density-based method of making the heat map was that routes I only ran once didn’t show up very clearly.

Heatmapping My New York City Marathon Training

Motivation This post was inspired by my wife who used the GPS data from her Strava app to plot her running routes during 2020. Since I don’t run nearly as much as I used to, I need to go back to when I was training for the NYC marathon to find enough running to make such a map worthwhile.

Exploring NHL Stanley Cup Champion's Points Percentage In Four GGPlots

Motivation While browsing Reddit’s r/DataIsBeautiful sub-reddit I came across a post from Fabio Votta showing a beeswarm plot of US County vote share in the 2020 Election. Having never seen a beeswarm plot before I wanted to come up with an excuse to try it out.