Finding the Eras of MTV's The Challenge Through Clustering

Since 1998, MTV’s The Challenge (formerly the Real World/Road Rules Challenge) has graced the airwaves where it is currently in Season 37. In a prior post I had mentioned that this is one of my guilty pleasure shows so this will likely not be the last post that is based around America’s 5th professional sport.

When Did the US Senate Best Reflect the US Population?

TL;DR While this is the oldest Senate we’ve ever had, its not the most non-representative Senate when compared to the age distribution of the US Population The most representative Senate was in the 1970s as the average Senator age declined while the average age in the US increased.

What's the Difference Between Instagram and TikTok? Using Word Embeddings to Find Out

TL;DR Instagram - Tiktok = Photos, Photographers and Selfies Tiktok - Instagram = Witchcraft and Teens but read the whole post to find out why! Purpose The original intent of this post was to learn to train my own Word2Vec model, however, as is a running theme.