Examining College Football Conference Realignment with {ggraph}

In my previous post I looked at College Football Non-Conference games to create a network map overlaid on top of the United States using the {ggraph} package. In this post I’ll be extending that to examine Conference Realignment, which is when colleges change from one conference to the next.

Exploring College Football Non-Conference Rivalries with {ggraph}

We’re in the middle of College Football’s bowl post-season and I’d been wanting to do a more in-depth post on networks using {tidygraph} and {ggraph} for a while. So now seemed like as good a time as any to explore some College Football data.

Finding the Eras of MTV's The Challenge Through Clustering

Since 1998, MTV’s The Challenge (formerly the Real World/Road Rules Challenge) has graced the airwaves where it is currently in Season 37. In a prior post I had mentioned that this is one of my guilty pleasure shows so this will likely not be the last post that is based around America’s 5th professional sport.

Sequence Mining My Browsing History with arulesSequences

Typically when thinking of pattern mining people tend to think of Market Basket Analysis with the conventional example showing people typically buy both Beer and Diapers in the same trip.