When Will NYC's Subway Ridership Recover?

While writing my posts about COVID’s effect on NYC Subway ridership the New York Times published an article called The Pandemic Wasn’t Supposed to Hurt New York Transit This Much.

How much has COVID cost the NYC Subway system in "lost fares"?

With things in NYC beginning to return to normal after two years of COVID I found myself thinking about how much money was lost in Subway fares in the 2+ years where people were working from home.

$GME To The Moon: How Much of an Outlier Was Gamestop's January Rise?

Introduction Between January 13th and January 27th, 2021 the stock price for Gamestop (GME) rose 10x from $31 to $347 dollars. This rise was in part due to increased popularity on the Reddit forum r/wallstreetbets looking to create a short squeeze and because they “liked the stock”.