Are Birth Dates Still Destiny for Canadian NHL Players?

In the first chapter Malcolm Gladwell’s Outliers he discusses how in Canadian Junior Hockey there is a higher likelihood for players to be born in the first quarter of the year.

What's the Most American of American Films? An Analysis with {gt} and {gtExtras}

I love movies. I enjoy watching them, I enjoy reading about the industry (sometimes), and as a bit of a data-nerd (exhibit a: my blog), I enjoy learning about the outliers in the industry.

When Did the US Senate Best Reflect the US Population?

TL;DR While this is the oldest Senate we’ve ever had, its not the most non-representative Senate when compared to the age distribution of the US Population The most representative Senate was in the 1970s as the average Senator age declined while the average age in the US increased.

An Attempt at Tweaking the Electoral College

Motivation With the 2020 Election wrapping up and a renewed discussion about the merits of the Electoral College I’ve been thinking more about the system and why it might be the way it is.

A Racing Barplot of Top US Baby Names 1880-2018

A few month’s back Mrs. JLaw and I were discussing baby names (purely for academic purposes) and it got me thinking about how have popular names changed over time. It was a particular interest to me as someone who had a name that was somewhat popular for a while and has since fallen out of fashion.