What are the most American of American Films?
As measured by the share of Box Office Gross coming from the United States versus the rest of the world, movies with or about Adam Sandler, Football, and Christmas tend to be Box Office successes in the United States but not the rest of the world. Although, it is unclear whether it is Football or Adam Sandler that makes the movie most appealing to American tastes.
poster_url title domestic_lifetime_gross foreign_lifetime_gross domestic_percent worldwide_lifetime_gross num_oscars rating
The Waterboy
06 Nov 1998
$161.5M $24.5M 86.8%
The Longest Yard
27 May 2005
$158.1M $33.3M 82.6%
The Blind Side
20 Nov 2009
$256.0M $53.2M 82.8%
08 Jun 1984
$243.2M $53.0M 82.1%
The Santa Clause 2
01 Nov 2002
$139.2M $33.6M 80.6%
Author: JLaw | Sources: BoxOfficeMojo,com and Open Movie Database